You will find the same attention to detail and high level of quality in our drink menu that you find in our baked goods. We believe serving great coffee (and making great smoothies) is important. We’re proud to support two local coffee roasters: Larry's Coffee and Five Star Coffee Roasters and can't get enough of our fresh fruit smoothies!


The great folks at Larry’s Coffee in downtown Raleigh have a clear purpose: “to concoct wondrously luscious works of coffee and make the world better at the same time.” (It says so right on their website!)

Here’s how they do it:
  • They slow roast their beans in small batches to bring out every rich layer of indigenous flavor.
  • 100% of their coffee is Fair Trade, Shade Grown and Organic or Transitional Organic! (Their Organic and Fair Trade practices are certified and audited by Quality Certification Services.)
  • They honor the work of their farming partners by transforming their extraordinary beans into marvelous coffees.

According to Larry (the founder of Larry’s Coffee) making the world better goes way beyond Fair Trade organic coffee. Larry’s green-o-vated his Bean Plant with passive solar design, wind-powered vents, rainwater harvesting, fruit bushes, and even dual flush toilets. Pretty cool! Of course, we wouldn’t serve Larry’s Coffee unless we thought it tasted good. And, we do. In fact, we believe it’s some of the tastiest coffee on the planet!


Our friends at Five Star Coffee Roasters are experts in their craft! In fact, their founder, Nelson Raul Amador, is a fourth generation coffee farmer! How cool is that?

The folks at Five Star Coffee Roasters are involved in every step of the coffee producing process—from field to cup and are committed to providing consistent, traceable, high quality coffee while empowering and supporting small farmers. Five Star's coffee beans are imported directly to their roastery in Holly Springs, NC from their family farms in Honduras and their partner farms throughout Central America. 

Interested in touring a coffee plantation? Visit their website and sign up to receive updates about their Honduras Coffee Origin Tour! 


Some smoothies are made with sweetened fruit syrup and a smoothie “base” that has ingredients you can’t even pronounce. At Stick Boy, we use only fresh frozen whole fruits that make a delicious and thick real fruit smoothie.  Even the base is up to you with choices that include real fruit juices, yogurt, and soy milk!

Stick Boy Bread Fuquay fresh fruit smoothies

Our smoothies make a great meal on the run or a perfect after-school snack. Whatever the occasion, our smoothies are a delicious treat that you can feel good about (even if you get it with our homemade whipped cream on top)! Check out our house favorites or build your own.